Traffic rule violators beware! You are under Red Light and Speed Violation Detection System


Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd (BSCL) will soon implement the Red Light Violation Detection System (RLVDS) and Speed Violation Detection System (SVDS), including the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to automatically catch and penalise the traffic violators across the Bhubaneswar.

The system, which has been placed at various locations, has started functioning and trial runs have already started.

This smart monitoring of the traffic violations through the ANPR-based system will help in efficient monitoring of vehicles across the capital city of the State.

RLVDS is a mass surveillance system that automatically captures image of the vehicle violating traffic rules. The system starts capturing any violation of traffic rules as soon as the traffic signal turns red.

Similarly, SVDS is a state-of-the-art system which determines the speed of the vehicle by calculating the time between multiple frames of the vehicle and captures image of its number plate.

These high-tech systems will be assisted by ANPR mechanism which will help in efficient monitoring of vehicle movement.

The newly planned system is expected to help police nab traffic violators, especially habitual offenders, easily.

Sources said the RLVDS is already installed at Rupali Square, Kalpana Square, Airport Square, Nicco Park Square, Power House Square, Kalinga Hospital Square and Patia Square while SVDS has been installed in several areas like AG Square to Capital Hospital Square, Sainik School road and Baramunda square, Jaydev Vihar and Vani Vihar Square along the NH 16 at and also near Raghunathpur on the city outskirts.

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