Smiles, hugs and togetherness: A nostalgic get-together


Bhejiput: Around 50 old students of 1982-batch of the RCM High School, Kanheipur in Khallikote block in Ganjam district turned into young boys and girls on Sunday as they caught up with long-lost friends and batchmates. Many turned nostalgic remembering their fun days.

It was a good 36 years after their matriculation that most of the batchmates met up at the Narayani temple here. The temple bustled with activity as the old students gathered to recollect memories of their good old days on the campus. It was Krishnananda, Sudhir, Bhaskar and Chitta’s resolve in getting together their batchmates scattered in different parts of the globe.

Before the formal get-together at the Narayani temple park, the old students visited an ashram set up by one of their friends Swami Krishnananda at Debijhar. Here, Swami turned as a teacher and advised his old friends how to lead a peaceful life in the society and their duty towards the society.

The programme started with batchmates observing two-minute silence in memory of five of their deceased friends. Later, Sarat Kar and Bhaskar Sahu welcomed the friends while Sudhir Mohapatra highlighted the cause of organizing a get-together.

They recollected old memories of their student life and shared their experiences in the gathering and at the same time resolved to extend help to the needy and organize health camps in remote areas of the locality. Accordingly, they collected Rs 3 lakh on the spot for the purpose.

A committee was formed to felicitate the teachers who had taught them 36 years back in the school. It unanimously decided to felicitate the teachers in April next year.

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