Inter-divisional pulling regatta at Chilika


Chilika: A two-day Inter-Divisional Pulling Regatta for Batch 02/2018 was held at INS Chilka on Friday and Saturday.

The competition aimed to inculcate watermanship skills, endurance and team spirit.

Trainees from all 10 divisions and four teams from Ship’s Company participated in the competition. In addition, Chilka Lake swimming competition from Kalijai Island to Watermanship Training Centre covering a distance of three km was also conducted on Saturday.  As many as 250 trainees participated in the swimming race.

Commanding Officer INS Chilka presented awards to the winners. Ashok Division emerged as winner of the pulling regatta and was awarded the coveted ‘Cock’ trophy while Azad Division bagged the runners-up trophy. In Chilka lake swimming competition Abhijit Shaw, SSR of Azad Division won the gold medal and Pankaj Sangwan, SSR of Akbar Division the silver medal.


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