Thakurani Yatra begins in Berhampur with religious fervor


Berhampur: The Maa Budhi Thakurani festival kick-started in a grand way following the goddess’s arrival in her parental house at Deshibehera Street here late on Friday night.

As per rituals, the Goddess was brought from her Temple by her parents, P Durga Prasad and P Devaki, in a grand procession organsied amid beating of drums, conches, trumpets and dances by devotees. Earlier, the parents had gone to her temple with garlands and sacred earthen lamps to invite the Goddess. After puja, an Ajnamala (garland) was brought by the parents. Thousands of devotees witnessed the procession, which started at 10.30 pm.

The Goddess reached her parental house at 4 am and was seated in a temporary abode.

The festival will be conducted for a month till April 29, according to information.

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