At Sambalpur BJP rally, Modi exudes confidence of forming Govt at centre & Odisha

Odisha Politics

Sambalpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday exuded confidence that BJP would form Governments at the Centre and in Odisha.

“The recently-concluded first phase polls in Odisha clearly indicate that BJP will again come to power in Centre and it will form Government in Odisha too this time. People are supporting us because they want a strong Government,” said Modi at the Vijay Sankalp Samavesh at Remed Square in Sambalpur district.

Coming down heavily on the State Government for not utilising central funds and not ensuring holistic development of the State, “For last 20 years you trusted State Government blindly but now the people of the State want change. Once we come to power in the State we will implement Ayushman Bharat Yojana.”

Targeting the State Government for taking the credit of giving rice at Re 1 per kg, Modi said, “The Central Government procure rice at Rs 19-30/kg and send it to Odisha. Odisha Government has to add only Rs 2/kg to it. However, they claim that they provide rice at subsidised rate to the people of Odisha. It’s an utter lie.”

The Prime Minister said that his Government amended decade-old mining law and ensured that a part of the fund from the resources extracted is utilised for the development of local infrastructure.

“Although Odisha has been given Rs 6,000 crore under District Mineral Foundation (DMF) scheme for development, but the State is seriously lagging behind in utilising it. Out of Rs 6,000 crore, a mere Rs 1,000 crore has been spent,” alleged Modi.

He further charged, “If the Centre is giving Re 1 to Odisha, a mere 85 paise is being taken away by dalals and poor receive 15 paise. How can there be development. How can roads, bridges, hospitals and schools be set up? But we have made sure that funds are utilised for welfare of poor people only.”

Polling in Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency and seven Assembly segments coming under it will be held in the third phase on April 23.


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