Auto driver fined Rs 47,500 in one go under new traffic rules in Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Traffic Police on Wednesday issued a challan of Rs 47,500 to an auto rickshaw driver here under the amended Motor Vehicles Act thereby surpassing the challan of Rs 23,000 issued to a man on scooter by Gurugram Traffic Police on Monday.

The challan was issued to Haribandhu Kanhar near Acharya Vihar Square for drunken driving, not carrying the documents including his driving licence, registration certificate of the motorcycle and the pollution certificate.

Interestingly, Haribandhu had bought the second-hand vehicle bearing registration number OR-O2-AQ-2243 from a person a few days ago at a price of Rs 23,000 to 25,000.

Haribandhu was on his auto rickshaw scooter when he was stopped by traffic cops at Acharya Vihar Square. He was found drunk while driving which calls for a fine of Rs 10,000. His vehicle was also found violating air and noise pollution standards which calls for a fine of Rs 10,000. He did not have a driving license at the time – a fine of Rs 5,000 under the new rules. He also did not have a registration certificate for his vehicle – that’s another fine of Rs 5,000. He did not have any third-party insurance either – a fine of Rs 2,000. He was also fined Rs 5,000 for allowing unauthorised person to drive the vehicle, Rs 10,000 for using vehicle without permit or violating permit conditions. He was also charged for Rs 500 for general offence. This took the grand total of the fine to an astounding Rs 47,500.

The auto rickshaw was impounded and he will now have to pay the fine at the Chandrasekharpur Driving Testing Park.

The stricter traffic rules Act came into force on September 1, taking up the amount of penalties by more than four times in some cases across the country. Meanwhile, Kanhar expressed his inability to pay the hefty fine amount.

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