PM Modi praises Odisha CM for registering sister Gita Mehta in Govt’s COVID-19 portal  


Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday praised Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for registering his sister Gita Mehta’s foreign travel details with the State Government’s official Coronavirus aka COVID-19 portal.

“Setting a great example, Chief Minister! I hope others also emulate Naveen Babu. We all can do our bit in preventing the spread of COVID-19.,” tweeted Modi.

Notably, the State Government has made it mandatory for people returning home from abroad to register themselves with the official COVID-19 portal in an attempt to combat the virus.

Patnaik on Wednesday announced the registration of his sister Mehta’s name on the portal after her return from the US.

Patnaik’s elder sister Mehta (77) stays in the USA and usually visits her late father Biju Patnaik’s house (Naveen Niwas) every year in March. She will be in “home isolation” at the Naveen Niwas for 14-day.

The Chief Minister lodged his sister’s details in the designated portal within 24 hours of her arrival as per the guidelines laid down by his Government.

One positive case for Coronavirus was reported so far in Odisha.

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