Bhubaneswar-Tirupati Special to remain suspended


Bhubaneswar, December 18: In view of non-interlocking works which is safety related modernization work in Gudur-Tirupati Railway Section under Guntakal Railway Division of South Central Railway jurisdiction, the Ministry of Railways has decided to cancel Bhubaneswar-Tirupati-Bhubaneswar Special for one day from both the directions.

According to an East Coast Railway (ECoR) communiqué, Bhubaneswar-Tirupati-Bhubaneswar Special (08479/08480) will remain suspended from Bhubaneswar and Tirupati on December 19 and 20, respectively.

It further stated that, Nagercoil-Shalimar (02659) from Nagercoil will remain cancelled on December 20 while Yesvantpur-Tata Special (02890) from Yesvantpur will remain suspended on December 21.

Yesvantpur-Hatia Special (02836) from Yesvantpur on will run on diverted route via Katpadi-Renigunta-Gudur Stations bypassing Tirupati Station on December 25, it added.

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