Shailabala Women’s College hosts int’l webinar on Jagannath culture

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Cuttack, December 23: A sublime message of bliss, brotherhood, respect to women and restraint in family life is what the Jagannath faith sends to both its believers and infidels across the world, expressed speakers at the international webinar on “Impact of Jagannath Culture on the Universal Euphoria” hosted by PG Department of Odia, Shailabala Women’s Autonomous College, Cuttack here recently.

The webinar was presided over by Dr. Chitta Ranjan Panda, Head of the Department of Odia.

Participating in the webinar Chairman, Shree Jagannath Society of UK, London, Dr. Sahadev Swain described how Jagannath Culture preaches that happy family life is key to a happy Universe.

Renowned writer and editor Dr. Nilamadhab Kar from Wolverhampton, UK, spoke on significance of Anasar, an annual ritual observed by Lord Jagannath before famous Car-Festival and on how that reminds mankind to observe the same restraint in order to be blessed with a happy and peaceful family life while pointing at how practices of Ayurvedic medicine helps us contain the Covid Pandemic.

He stressed that discipline in life style and maintaining good health can only bring happiness in the society. In addition to this, he said how Odia literary heritage has drawn on Jagannath culture over centuries to be what it is today.

Cultural Secretary of OSUK, London, Dr. Bhagyashree Singh said feminism and empowerment of women underlies the core of Jagannath cult, citing the anecdote of Goddess Laxmi and unmatchable courage shown by Sita in our great epic, the Ramayan.

She also recounted the mythical stories of women’s duties to the society. Famous artist and writer Shri Prafulla Mohanti from London who owns the credit of glorifying Indian art on the soil of England, spoke about the charm of the large round eyes of Lord Jagannath that it is the main source of endless pleasure on the earth.

Tarun Agasti, Founder of Living Bliss, Canberra, Australia delivered his speech about Rath Yatra that it is preaching amity and brotherhood in the world.

Dr Narasingha Charan Panda, former Professor of Silpakorn University, Bangkok and present Professor of Punjab University opined that, irrespective of caste, creed, class, gender, Jagannath Culture always holds its motto of wishing well-being of the human society.

College Principal Prof Jaweda Hussain, Dr Sugyani Sahoo, Dr Sanjita Mishra, Dr Narendra Nath Nayak, Dr Kamal Mahunta, Dr Archanamayee Panda, Dr Sushanta Kumar Mohanty and Dr Tapas Kumar Das graced the event.

More than 100 students, researchers from across the country had virtually participated in the webinar.


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