Samaleswari & Puri-Durg Express will have stoppages at Rengali, Loisinga & Muribahal


Bhubaneswar, February 28: The East Coast Railway (ECoR) has decided to provide stoppage of two trains – Samaleswari Express and Puri-Durg Express – at Rengali and Loisinga and Muribahal railway stations, respectively on an experimental basis.

According to the ECoR statement 18005/18006 Howrah-Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari express will have additional stoppage at Rengali Station.

The (18005) Howrah-Jagadalpur Samaleswari express from Howrah w.e.f 28.02.2024 and from 18006 Jagadalpur- Howrah Samaleswari express from Jagadalpur w.e.f 29.02.2024 will provide stoppage at Rengali station,” it said.

The Samaleswari from Howrah will arrive at Rengali at 0836 hrs and will leave at 0838 hrs towards Jagadalpur. Similarly, this train from Jagadalpur will arrive at Rengali at 1855 hrs and will leave at 1857 hrs towards Howrah,” it added.

Similarly, the 18425/18426 Puri-Durg Puri Express from Puri w.e.f 01st March 2024 and from Durg w.e.f 2nd March 2024 will have stoppages at Loisinga and Muribahal. 18425 Puri- Durg express from Puri will arrive at Loisinga at 0358 hrs will leave at 0400 hrs. This train will also arrive at Muribahal at 0612 hrs towards Durg.

In the return direction 18426 Durg-Puri express from Durg will arrive at Muribahal at 2025 hrs and will leave at 2027 hrs. This train will also arrive at Loisinga at 2225 hrs and will leave at 2227 hrs towards Puri.

The timing and stoppages of the above trains at other nominated stations will remain unchanged.

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