Rs 4 lakh accident cover for railway ‘season ticket’ holders

Bhubaneswar, Nov 11:
For the better convenience of passengers, Railways have advised all daily
commuters to purchase season tickets to avoid getting tension of purchasing
ticket just before every journey. It have offered Accidental Insurance of Rs 4
lakh to the season ticket holders.
Problem of
availability of change and stand in the long queues before journey of daily
passengers will be solved once they avail season ticket.
communiqué said, for a distance between1-20 km, a passenger can spend only
Rs100 for Monthly Season Ticket (MST) instead of Rs 600 for journey in train,
if ticket purchased regularly everyday for a month for both sides. Similarly, a
passenger can only spend Rs 270 for Quarterly Season Ticket (QST) instead of Rs
1800 for both sides, if ticket purchased is regularly for three months.
Apart from
this, a passenger can travel unlimited trips through MST / QST in local
passenger trains during the period. Railway is providing MST at a cost of only
five days to and from journey up to 20kms where a passenger can travel
unlimited trips during the month/quarter in local passenger trains between
originating to destination Stations and back. If a passenger purchases MST,
he/she can save Rs 500 per month and Rs 1530 in three months approximately.
On Season
Ticket, a passenger can also save Rs 30 by purchasing QST for a distance upto
20 kms.

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