Life Journey in ‘Kathak,’ Labanyabati in ‘Odissi’ enthrall audience at Konark Fest

Dec 4: On the fourth evening of Odisha Tourism sponsored Konark Festival audience
witnessed depiction of ‘Bhaba’ in Kathak and Odissi recital on Sunday. 
Kathak exponent Ashimbandhu Bhattacharjee and the artistes of Upasana presented
‘Parikrama’ a soul-stirring choreography described the journey of life. Life
always remains as an infinite track between the blurred past and the
un-harboured future. It is always and endless Parikrama. This theme got
beautifully expressed to the thundering applause of the mesmerized viewers. The
artistes of ‘Upasana’ enacted the ‘Parikrama’ exhibiting ‘Mandir Parikrama’,
‘Taalchakra Parikrama’, ‘Lila prasanga Parikrama’ ‘Surya Parikrama’ and
‘Anandarasa Parikrama.’
after the artistes from Odissi Research Centre, Bhubaneswar staged the dance
drama ‘Lavanyabati’ based on ‘Labanyabati’ a poetic treatise of the great Odiya
poet, Kabi Samrat Upendrabhanja. “Love transcends the barriers of time and
continues for ever’’. This adage found a true manifestation in the life of
‘Labanyabati’ and ‘Chandrabhanu’ whose true love continued even after death and
that made them tied in wed-loc in the next birth.

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