Tea seller D Prakash Rao from Odisha draws PM’s applause

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New Delhi/Cuttack, May 27, 2018: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday
praised a small-time tea seller from Odisha for his valuable work in the
service of society. 
Modi appreciated the role of D Prakash Rao, helping slum
children in Cuttack in a big way to get education in his popular radio
talk Mann Ki Baat on

“D Prakash Rao, living in the slums of Cuttack, Odisha, who
gave up everything of his in order to adopt and realize the dreams of others! Just
yesterday I’ve had the good fortune of meeting D Prakash Rao,” said Modi.
“Shriman D Prakash Rao has been a tea vendor in the city of
Cuttack for the past five decades. A meagre tea vendor; today you will be
surprised to know that the lives of more than 70 children are being illuminated
through education due to his efforts. He has opened a school named ‘Asha
Ashvaasan’, spending 50% of his income for children living in slums and
hutments,” added Modi.
Modi said, “He ensures education, health and meals for all
the children coming to this school. I congratulate D Prakash Rao for his hard
work, his persistence and for providing a new direction to the lives of those
poor children attending his school. He has banished the darkness from their
lives.Who amongst us does not know the Vedic shloka ‘Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya’!
However, it has been put intopractice by D. Prakash Rao. His life is an
inspiration to us, our society and the whole country. Your surroundings too
must be full of such inspiring happenings. There must be innumerable incidents.
Come, let us take positivity forward.”
Forced to leave his studies midway in Class-XI due to family
constraints, Rao understands the importance of education and that is why he has
been running a primary school called ‘Asha o Aswasana’ for underprivileged
children from many slums in nearby areas.

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