Niranjan demands ordinance to confiscate wealth of mining mafias

Bhubaneswar: Reiterating
his demand for a CBI probe into the mining scam in the State, senior Congress
leader and former Minister Niranjan Patnaik demanded for an immediate and
comprehensive investigation by the central investigating agency.

“Why is Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik silent on the subject?
Is it that he does not agree with the Shah Commission findings that large scale
irregularities and revenue loss took place under his watch as the CM for the
last 15 years? Who is he trying to protect?” questioned Patnaik through a Press
The former PCC President, who has been consistently
demanding CBI investigation, has said that the CBI investigation must go beyond
lease holders.
The lease holders are known legal entities and
irregularities committed by them can be computed and accountability fixed, as
has been rightly done by the Shah Commission. If they have evaded taxes on
income or royalty, the amount of evasion can be calculated to a large extent
and recovered with penal interest as per laid down procedures, though some
amount would still be difficult to account for. But, what about mining outside
lease hold areas and relinquished or abandoned mines? Patnaik wanted to know.
The iron ore stolen by the mining mafia may be close to Rs 1
lakh crore and belong to the people of Odisha and therefore, CBI must
investigate them as well and start a process of confiscation of all these
wealth. The serious frauds office will also have to be involved at some stage
since the money has been invested in real estate as well as for money
laundering abroad.
“In fact, the State Government should promulgate a new
ordinance to bring the wealth of the mining mafia under scrutiny to find out
how they came to possess such huge wealth grossly disproportionate to their
known sources of income and confiscate all the wealth for investment in
Odisha’s social sector,” suggested Patnaik.

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