Musical programme at IG Park every 2nd Saturday

Bhubaneswar, Dec 24: After successfully introducing
people-centric socio-cultural and heritage events like Patha Utsav and Ekamra
Walks, the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has conceived a plan to
introduce regular Music-in-Park Programme at Indira Gandhi Park every month.
The programme is aimed at promoting and patronising cultural
events so that the city would be known as one of the most vibrant cities with
cultural practices as it has a history and civilisation over 3,000 years old
and the same has still been living with its traditions rooted in its lifeline.
The monthly musical programme, with an artist of national
repute, will perform at Indira Gandhi Park in the heart of the city, every second
Saturday of a month.
The function would be mainly of classical music of high
standard so that the programmes would go with the evening ambience, aesthetics
of the surrounding and inspiring, for the young mass to re-create a love for
the culture and tradition of the land.
BDA will be the sole organiser of the event in association
with others as sponsors of the shows. However, officials will always ensure
absolute care for the selection of the artist, aesthetics of the stage,
decoration and the ambience around.
On December 17, Pandit Jasraj, 88, with his unique attire and
style, participated in BDA’s first Music-In-Park programmes with his powerful
performances through several `Raagas’ including `Jog’ and `Basant’. While he
sang `Hanuman lala’ with `Raag Jog’, his another song `Eso patra padhao’ came
with ‘Raag Basant’, among others, which all the crowd liked and listened to,
with apt attention and gaze.
The Octogenarian sage of Indian music made the audience
spellbound with his powerful delivery of the songs, many written by himself,
and the audience were kept glued to their seats as he proceeded from one
powerful performance to the next level of another rich and classic musical
A special committee constituted by the development authority
will do the selection and screening for the artist to perform at the IG Park.
The Horticulture wing of BDA will organise and coordinate the events in both
the venue. An event management agency will also be hired in near future by BDA
through bidding process to manage the event flawlessly.
In future, the development authority is also trying to
organise art exhibitions, installations and other art shows so that the age-old
art traditions could be revived once again in the “Ekamra Kshetra’’.

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