Do’s and Don’ts for the people of Odisha in flood situation


Bhubaneswar: The three south Odisha districts – Ganjam, Gajapati and Rayagada – have battled one of the worst floods. People have been stranded, houses have been demolished. While the situation right now isn’t as bad as it was in the last few days, the problems are far from over. The calamity has left behind a residue of problems.

The Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) has listed down a few things that people should watch out in flood situation for safety.

  • Don’t walk through flowing water – currents can be deceptive, and shallow, fast moving water can knock you off your feet.
  • Don’t swim through fast flowing water – you may get swept away or struck by an object in the water.
  • Don’t drive through a flooded area – You may not be able to see abrupt drop – offs and only half a meter of flood water can carry a car away.
  • Driving through flood water can also cause additional damage to nearby property.
  • Don’t eat any food that has come into contact with flood water.
  • Don’t reconnect your power supply until a qualified engineer has checked it. Be alert for gas leaks – do not smoke or use candles, lanterns, or open flames.
  • Don’t scrub or brush mud and other deposits from materials, This may cause further damage.
  • Never turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet. Stay away from ceilings those are sagging.
  • Never use TVs, VCRS, CRT terminals or other electrical equipment while standing on wet floors, especially concrete.
  • Don’t attempt to remove standing water using your vacuum cleaner.
  • Don’t remove standing water in a basement too fast. If the pressure is relieved too quickly it may put undue stress on the walls.

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