Centre accords ‘A’ grade to Cuttack Frozen Semen Bank

Nov 3: The Frozen Semen Bank (FSB) located at Khapuria, Cuttack has been ranked
as ‘A’ Grade after evaluation by Central Monitoring Unit (CMU). Recently,
evaluation report for the year 2015-16 has been published. All together, 56
semen stations exist in the country.
As per the
evaluation, 32 stations have got Grade A, 15 stations have got Grade B and 2
nos. of station have been rated as NG (non-graded), while two semen stations
have not been evaluated.
The CMU constituted
by Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries, Union Ministry of
Agriculture evaluate Frozen Semen Banks based on various parameters such as management
of donor bulls, disease protocol, semen collection procedure, laboratory
practices, bio-security, progeny testing etc.
The CMU had
visited the Frozen Semen Bank at Cuttack on January 10 January for evaluation.
The final evaluation report was communicated by the Centre September 17.
It is
pertinent to mention here that timely interventions such as establishment of
Andrology Laboratory, Incinerator, Improvement in Bio-security measures,
Isolation Shed, Hydroponic Unit, maintenance of Pedigree record, and Progeny
Testing Programme for evaluation of bulls were initiated as per the recommendation
of Central Monitoring Unit from time to time. FSB, Cuttack is also going to
induct Binjharpuri Bulls and 7 bull calves are already procured. With the
sincere efforts and hard work of all the staff as well as by the valuable
guidance by State Government along with the support of Odisha Livestock
Resources Development Society (OLRDS), the institute finally achieved ‘A’ grade
with a total score of 87 out of 100. This semen station was rated as Grade: A
during 2012-13 with a total score of 80.20 ranking 25th in the country. The
overall ranking of Odisha based only semen station has improved over the years,
which has now got the second position in the eastern region and 6th highest
score in the country.
Insemination by using Frozen Semen Technology is being extensively used for
genetic up-gradation of indigenous cattle throughout the country. Dissemination
of superior milk production traits is the key for productive enhancement of the
dairy animal.  By crossing local female
cattle with superior sire semen by artificial insemination (AI), cross-breeding
program has been taken up on a large scale and at a comparatively low cost. The
semen with living sperms collected from the donor bulls are processed, packaged
in single dose plastic straws and stored in frozen state for future use. 
long-term preservation of semen by deep-freezing allows considerable
flexibility in arrangements for the supply of semen. Freezing also permits a
more efficient use of the semen. These frozen semen after thawing are
introduced into female reproductive tract at proper time with the help of
instruments. In order to ensure better conception rate, fertility and genetic
progress, quality of the frozen semen is important. Therefore, Frozen Semen
Bank is the nucleus of the Artificial Insemination programme in cattle and buffalo.
FSB, Cuttack
was established during 1978-79 under Indo-Danish collaboration. Under National
Project on Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Programme (2nd phase) and National
Program on Bovine Breeding, steps were taken to upgrade the Institute with
requisite infrastructure, modern equipment and facilities. Currently, Frozen
Semen Bank, Cuttack is maintaining 4 Pure Jersey, 31 Cross-breed, 15 Hariana
and 11 Red Sindhi donor bulls. Frozen Semen Bank (FSB) has a capacity to
produce 12 lakh doses per annum and produced 10.15 lakh doses of frozen semen
during 2015-16, which was 13% higher than the production made during 2014-15.
There was tremendous response from farmers, for which all time record number of
16.34 lakhs cattle were inseminated last year (2015-16). 

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